0. I find that it takes an awful lot of time just to schedule an appointment. I therefore suggest starting with email. Many things are quite easy to take care of that way, and proceed a lot quicker.

Otherwise, to schedule an in-person meeting:

1. Make Sure I'm in Town. [show/hide]

2. Make Sure I'm Free on a Specific Day.

Can you make it to my office hours, Monday 12:30-1:30? Just make sure I'm in town that Monday (above). If I'm at hours and you're free, you don't need to schedule anything, just drop in.

Otherview, view my calendar below. As you do:


3. Pick a time. Please pick times between 9:00am and 2:00pm. Please try to find more than one date and time, because I may have constraints not publicly visible in my calendar. (If you're curious why I'm not around in the afternoon, see my answer on Quora.)

4. Send me Email.